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Xander started designing and creating greeting cards for friends and families when he was around 4 year-old. "Surprise Card by Xander" was founded and established in August 2023 in Melbourne by Xander (at 7 year-old) and Mum, with a "small" ambition of bringing more surprises and smiles to people in Australia (or around the world, one day!). Xander loves surprises, and he loves to sprinkle silliness and humour onto his surprise cards ("It needs to make people smile when they open up the card!"). 

Xander has solely designed a range of really wacky and funny surprise cards (including our all-time bestseller The Cake Is On Fire). Sometimes, Xander also loves to design and create cards with Mummy in many of our "collab projects".

Surprise Card by Xander pledges 10% of our profit (to be paid end of every 6 months) to a not-for-profit organisation aims to improve the life of children. 

Check out our collections: Surprise Card by Xander and Pop-Up Surprise Card by Xander.   

Xander's latest TOP 3 favourite designs are:

SUE (Xander's Mum) 

Sue is not a kid (although she sometimes acts and thinks like one - especially when no one is watching). Sue is THAT person behind the business: She is the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CRO - her job scope includes web-designing, online store & physical markets running, financial controller, social media representatives, stock checker, and recruiter of young talents.

Sue also creates and designs cards with Xander (especially when Xander "got stuck" with executing designs which are a bit too ambitious for himself - Example: this "Where's Santa?" card). She also enjoys handcrafting pop-up designs and exploring the art of paper engineering. 

Check out our collections: Surprise Card by Xander and Pop-Up Surprise Card by Xander.   

Sue's latest TOP 3 favourite designs are: 


Alanah is a very talented young artist based in Melbourne. Alanah is a senior in Xander's school, and she joined our Surprise Card family in October 2023 (at the age of 11). Alanah specialises in handmade cards featuring beautiful and dainty flowers, made using quality craft papers. Alanah cuts, scores, curls, glues each of the flower petals by hand patiently, in precision and care. 

Quoting Alanah directly: "I like doing flower designs because flowers are colourful and pretty, and I love putting them in vases to add colour and beauty to the house. I know flowers would make any sad person feel happier. But the problem is that flowers don't last very long, so, I thought, why not make paper flowers, which last for ages?" 

Alanah is passionate about ocean conservation and the negative impact of plastic in the world. Alanah donates at least 10% of her profits to ocean conservation charity. 

Check out Fleur Cards by Alanah collection here

Alanah's latest TOP 3 favourite designs are: